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Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent.
Victor Hugo

Welcome to our page of connections with youour fans, friends, and casual visitors.
Here you will find photos of the band and band members, jottings about our activities,
and other fun bits and pieces. We invite you to share your own quips, observations
 on our music and our performances, and music-related quotes.
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The Wakers would like to thank Kate Williams for her lovely photos of us
that appear on our home page, with our bios on "About Us," and above.
 Beautiful work, Kate!

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CelticFest 2014

An Irish Christmas

Heart for Haiti Concert 2010

Irish House at the 2010 Olympics

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An Irish Christmas 2014 

This popular evening of music, dance, and poetry again raised money for the Irish Benevolent Fund of BC. Hosts The Irish Wakers were joined by the Eire Born Dancers, Raven & Dove, Rebecca Blair, Sarah-Ann Chisholm and John O'Sullivan.
The Wakers would like to thank everyone who supported An Irish Christmas in 2014.

CelticFest 2014

The Wakers rock the festival with six performances at the various venues plus Blakes's pre-festival appearance on TV.

For CelticFest photos, click here.

Wakers Host Irish Christmas Fundraiser

A sold-out house was treated to a program of music, dance, storytelling, and craic on December 13, 2013, all in benefit of the Irish Benevolent Fund of BC.

For more photos, click here.

To read the Celtic Connection article about An Irish Christmas, click here.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The Wakers feature on the Irish Heritage
Society of Canada float in Vancouver's
Santa Claus Parade, December 1, 2013.

For a short video clip of the Wakers on
parade, click here.


Irish Wakers playing at Irish House

Wakers Light Olympic Fire

Irish House 2010, the Official Irish Pavilion for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver was rockin’  after opening on Feb. 13. The temporary structure is a huge tent with 
capacity for 750 Olympic partygoers who know Irish hospitality when they see it.

Crowd dancing at Irish House

The Irish Wakers played  tunes and songs for hours to a crowd of singing and dancing guests. Mary’s fiddle was the hottest ever as the dancers went wild. Brian’s “Johnny Gone down to Hilo”, Blake’s  “Black is the Colour” and Pam’s  new addition of “Rambling Irishman” rounded out a set while the “Beer song” was interrupted by loud cheers for the Canadian skiers!!

Hugh and Pam’s whistles and Irish flutes really brought on the fourth set with high energy. The Wakers brought  former Olympic Boxing  Silver Award winner Sean O’Sullivan on stage along with fellow bronze boxing champ Dale Walters. Sean won Canada’s first Olympic Boxing award in 52 years at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. GO CANADA GO !!

For more photos from Irish House,
visit our photo gallery.

Blake with Sean O'Sullivan

Wakers at the Heart for Haiti concert

The Wakers were honoured to open for the Heart for Haiti fundraiser concert held January 31, 2010, at the Anza Hall in Vancouver. The event was full of energy with reggae and other bands bringing lots of spirit to help those in need after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti

Thanks to Roger Buston of the band Three Row Barley who pulled it together with many dedicated volunteers. The funds raised will go to the Canadian Red Cross who are on the ground helping in Haiti.

More photos from this event can be viewed here.

Great Big Sea

GBS's Sean McCann heard some of 
our recordings at Dora Keough's pub
in Toronto about two years ago and
immediately penned this poem of 


Blake and Great Big Sea

To the Irish Wakers...
The movers and shakers
the vocal tone breakers
the unforgiven band
forge on into darkness
fear not what the world says
and hope we all see you
back in Newfoundland!!

Sean McCann

Blake with Great Big Sea


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